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Open Division
Small Quilts Auction Awards

Miniature Quilts
First Place # 1306
Orange Zinger by JoAnne Sheppard
quilted by Maureen Ciemian & JoAnne Sheppard
2nd Place # 1305
Log Cabin by Rachel Cowley
Art Quilts
First  Place # 1402
Banana Peel by Janet Sturdevant Stuart
2nd Place # 1406
My Tulip Tree by Susan Corbett
Chairman's Choice
 First Place # 1513
Aunt Rennie's Fower Garden by Mary Hawkins
2nd Place # 1509
Butterfly Garden by Linda Davis
3rd Place # 1516
Red Stars by Eileen O'Neal
Honorable Mention # 1518
Grammie's Hobo Quilt by Bev Epping
quilted by Julie Lawson
Honorable Mention # 1515
Jean's Garden by Roberta Snedden
quilted by Mary Hawkins
Honorable Mention # 1502
Star Sampler by Erema Merrill
quilted by Linda Long
Kits, Block of the Month
First Place #1601
Starcrossed by Sue Ellis
quilted by Susan Corbett
2nd Place # 1614
Dad's September Sun by Elise Pistor
quilted by Janet Sturdevant Stuart
3rd Place # 1610
Starcrossed by Kathy Gale
quilted by Ida Anderson
Honorable Mention # 1608
Mary Beth's Rabbits Prefer Chocolate
by Mary Beth McCormack
quilted by Ida Anderson
Honorable Mention # 1621
Blanket Toss by Ruth Loyd
Group/Friendship quilts
First Place # 1705
Cabins in the Meadow by Frayed Knotts 
quilted by Linda Scott & Lori Vauble
Mixed Techniques
First Place # 1808
Grand Lone Star by Jan Krentz
quilted by Janet Sutrdevant Stuart
2nd Place # 1803
Poinsettia's a' Flutter by Brenda Sweeney
quilted by Julie Lawson
3rd Place # 1809
Garden Path to Tulsa by Lema Worley
Honorable Mention # 1814
Vintage Blooms by Sue Ellis
Other Techniques
First Place # 1910
Jacket & Tote Combo by Erema Merrill
2nd Place # 1904
Thinking of Sharry by Janet Sturdevant Stuart
Small Quilts Auction
First Place  # 01
2nd Place # 02
3rd Place # 08
Honorable Mention # 23
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