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Bear Creek Quilt Guild presents the
iQuilt: Blending Technology with Traditional Quilting
  Award Winning Quilts 

Quilts in Show Judged by  Brenda Jeschke  unless otherwise noted.
100s ~ 600s

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 Pieced Quilts, 100s
First place #101

"Celestial Super Nova"
by Marilyn Cox
Quilted by Mark Shilling
2nd Place #105

"Stars Over Michelle Court"
by Diane Michal
Quilted by Darlene Ward
3rd Place #102

"Flower Garden"
by Terry Holland
Quilted by Karen Denney
Honorable Mention # 107

"In A Spin"
by Loretta Brennan
Appliqué Quilts, 200s
First Place & Judge's Choice # 206

"Starring Medallions"
by Sheri Jones
Quilted by Mona Levingston
2nd Place 
& Viewer's Choice & Members Choice
# 203

"Earth's Albums"
by Rosalee Weiler
Quilted by Peggy Burrell
3rd Place # 204

"Baltimore Snowflakes"
by Sunisa Cote
Quilted by Dawn Smith
Honorable Mention # 201

"Simply Reel"
by Roberta Sneddon
Quilted by Mary Hawkins
One Person, Pieced or Appliqué, machine quilted, 300s
First place #304

"Our Wedding Star" 

by Darlene Ward

2nd Place #303

"Pineapples and Cherries"
by Eileen O'Neal
3rd Place # 301

"Free Motion Stitch Sampler 1"
 by Char Sadley
Honorable Mention # 304

"Cactus Flower"
by Rachel Cowley
Minature, 500s
 First Place # 504

"Little Twister"
by Ruth Loyd
2nd Place #501

"Churn Dash"
by JoAnne Sheppard
Art Quilts, 600s
First Place #602

"Just Lines"
by Dot Lang
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