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Bear Creek Quilt Guild presents the 
“iQuilt: Blending Technology with Traditional Quilting
 Award Winning Quilts
800 ~ 1200
Quilts in Show Judged by Brenda Jeschke unless otherwise noted.

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First Time Entry, 800s
First Place # 806

"Flying Geese Swap"
by Ami Eglintine
Quilted by Mona Levingston
2nd Place # 803

"First Pieced Sampler"
by Debra Heath
Quilted by Mark Shilling
3rd Place # 802

"A Year of Blooms"
by Kathi Watkins
Quilted by Darlene Ward
Kits / Block of the Month, 900s
First Place & Best of Show, #904

"Beyond Redwork"
by Ami Eglintine
Quilted by Bonnie Sloan
2nd Place #901

"Red Frames"
by Joan Houle
Quilted by Traci Richter
Group / Friendship, 1000s
First Place #1006

"Spinning Stars"
by A Few Loose Threads Bee
Quilted by Eileen O'Neal
2nd Place # 1011

"Pins and Needles"
by Rosalee Weiler
Quilted by Delores Talbot
3rd Place #1010

"My Stars ~ Birthday Blocks"
by To Bee or Not to Bee members
Quilted by Julie Lawson
Honorable Mention # 1001

"Non-biased Stripes"
by A Few Loose Threads Bee
Quilted by Darlene Ward
Mixed Techniques, 1100s
First Place # 1102

"Texas Our Texas"
by Sandra Hardin
2nd Place #1107

"Keller Star"
by Linda Newberry
Other Techniques, 1200s
First Place #1205

"Wholecloth Plus"
by Linda Newberry

2nd Place # 1203

"B.E. Stitched Garden"
by Mona Levingston & Mendie Cannon
quilted by Mona Levingston
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