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Bear Creek Quilt Guild presents the
“iQuilt: Blending Technology with Traditional Quilting
Theme Quilts & their Awards

Quilts in Show Judged by Brenda Jeschke unless otherwise noted.

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700s: Chairman's Choice: "iQuilt" using technology of any kind
# 701 This quilt is a humorous way of pointing out that some of us are resistant to high-tech gadgets and don't want them to replace human relations and emotions.
First Place & Chairman's Choice

"Covered Wagon Lady in a High Tech Age"

by Rosalie Weiler
Quilted by Janice Grissom


#702 I used technology of the 21st century to honor women of the previous century who inflenced me to sew and create.  Technology includes quilt desgin software (EQ7), Photoshop Elements, embroidery software, computer printer and scanner, Silhouette Electronic cutter.  I printed fabric, scanned photos, embroidered by machine, cut applique elements electronically and had a great time using technolory to create a quilt qbout the past You can scan the QR code for more information about this quilt.  Thank you to my tech aide, Jon.
Second Place

by Linda Davis

QR code:

(photo of code may not work, due to bends in fabric, lmk)


#703   Source of Design:  Embroidery Software by Laura's Sewing Studio.  Embrodery machines have added a new dimension to our quilting.
Third Place


by Ruth Loyd

# 704      "I "created" my own fabric with my iPhone and my printer."
"Each Day is a Gift"

by Loretta Brennan

# 706 
"Back to Basics"

by Charna Gray

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