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Membership Chair:  Dee Talbort 

New Member:  $35 with Web Newsletter  $45 with Mailed Newsletter

(Dues are prorated for July thru December at $15.00 plus $0.85 per month for mailed newsletter.)

Renewal:  $35 with Web Newsletter  $45 with Mailed Newsletter.  (Regardless of renewal date) 

2019 Membership Application - pdf format

  Bring to our monthly meeting.

New Members: Remember to make a nametag (see below) by your third meeting!.  There is a 25 cent penalty if you do not wear a nametag at meetings. 

Advertisers:  Advertise in our for yearly Handbook  form


Bear paw nametag instructions

In making a 6-inch bear paw block (6-1/2" unfinished), the following dimensions worked 

Step 1. -  Cut two strips, one each of light and dark fabric, 3-1/8" x 6-1/4".

                -  Mark two 3-1/8" squares on the backk of the lightest fabric. Then mark diagonal lines through the squares, forming a V.

                -  Put light and dark strips right siddes together and press so they will stick together (you may also need to pin).

                -  Beginning at one corner, stitch 1/44" on each side of the diagonal lines.

                -  Press and cut apart on all drawn liines. Press each of the four half-square triangles open to the dark fabric.*

                -  Using a square-up ruler, trim to 2--1/2" squares.

Step 2.  Sew two sets of two of the squares together, forming the claws of the paw.

Step 3.  Cut a 2-1/2" square of light fabric. Sew this square to one of the claw sets.

Step 4.  Cut a 4-1/2" square of dark fabric. Sew this square to the other claw set.

Step. 5.  Sew the two sets together to complete the bear paw block.

*Trim bulk from all seams.



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