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Master's Division
award winners
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Large Pieced Quilts, 100s
First place #108

"Variations on a Log"
by Kayleen Allen
quilted by Jalonn Carter-Stanley
2nd Place #105

"Northern Lights"
by Darlene Ward
3rd Place # 109

"Starry Roads"
by Sheri Jones
quilted by Jalonn Carter Stanley
Honorable Mention # 113

by Colleen Connor
quilted by Sheri Mecom
Medium Pieced Quilts, 100Ms
First Place # 101M

"Harriet's Baskets"
by Roberta Snedden
quilted by Mary Hawkins
2nd Place # 111M

"Pineapples with Patty"
by Loretta Brennan
quilted by Bonnie Sloan
3rd Place # 106M

by Lisa Wood
quilted by Fran Perdue
Small Pieced Quilts, 300s
First place #304

"Colorado Sunrise"
by Sharry Lanier
2nd Place #303

"America I Love"
by Kayleen Allen
Large Appliqué Quilts, 200s
First Place #202 and Best of Show

"Vintage Valentines"

by Kayleen Allen

Quilted by Jalonn Carter Stanley, Kayleen Allen

Small Appliqué Quilts, 400s
 First Place # 401


by Rachel Cowley

One Person Quilts, Machine Quilted, 500s
First Place #508

"The Great Pumpkins"
by Lisa Schultz
2nd Place #501

"Pieces of Autumn"
by Mark Schilling
One Person Quilts, Hand Quilted, 600s
 First Place #601

Best Hand Quilting

"Free Kittens"

by Carolyn Palone


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